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Investment Case

About Longling

Longling Investment is an equity investment institution founded by well-known angel investor Mr. Cai Wensheng. It aims to help more innovation and entrepreneurship and provide strong support for technology innovation entrepreneurs.

Longling Investment mainly focuses on the investment direction of the Internet and TMT fields. The main investment stages involved are: seed round, angel round, and round A. Round B will selectively follow up, and it is also relatively concerned that there are clear exit plans. Pre-IPO or later mature projects.

Today, Longling Investment has become the cradle of entrepreneurs. By providing all-round support, it not only helps the startup and rapid growth of startup companies, but also creates a number of products with value and market potential, and cultivates many innovative talents. And high-tech companies.

Cai Wensheng

Chairman China Famous Angel Investor

In 2000, he entered the Internet field and engaged in domain name investment, becoming China's most famous domain name investment expert;

Founded Internet navigation website 265.com in 2003, successively obtained investment from IDG and Google, and was acquired by Google in 2007;

From 2005 to 2007, three Chinese personal webmaster conferences have been held, which are respected by the majority of personal webmasters as the godfather of personal websites and the "king of webmasters";

Entered the angel investment field in 2008, investing in dozens of projects including 4399 games, Meitu Xiuxiu, Stormwind, and 58 cities. The listed companies invested and created are located in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and the Mainland. Successful listing or successful acquisition.

In 2012 won the "2012 China Annual Angel Investor" (Entrepreneurship State Conference).

Won the "Entrepreneur Special Award" in 2016.


Wang Dongfeng


Hong Yupeng

Partner and CEO

Ni Yingwei


Zhou Chenyao


Investment project

Longling Information


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